Pilates at Meridian Osteopath

We use a combination of mat and studio equipment, primarily in their roles of rehabilitation, maintenance, and improvement/progression.

Marina Urquhart-Pullen, an osteopath of 30 years experience, is currently undergoing her training as a Polestar Pilates teacher and gradually will be expanding the Pilates capacity at the clinic as her knowledge and skills grow. Her own experience of using Polestar Pilates to help her recover from a suspected spinal disc injury has led her to believe that to train the body to learn a different movement pathway is the way forward when trying to prevent recurring injury, and is the natural complement to osteopathic treatment.

Marina finds great joy and fun in her work as a Polestar Pilates teacher and always seeks to find ways to keep it pertinent to her patients’ needs and abilities.

For the moment, Pilates sessions are available on a 1:1 basis only, but group sessions should be available later during this year as we all become more familiar with the equipment and exercises involved.

Brief history

Joseph Pilates – born in Germany to a gymnast father and naturopathic mother – in 1883.  Before the First World War, he moved to England, where he was interned as a German refugee during the war. Towards the end of the war he worked as an orderly in a hospital on the Isle of Mann, where he found himself helping patients (unable to walk), by creating makeshift equipment using the bed springs and bed frames to help support their limbs – these early designs were later to be developed into the now well-known ‘Cadillac’ (Trapeze Table).

Joseph Pilates emigrated to America in the early 1920’s and met his wife-to-be Clara on the journey.  Between them, they further developed and taught this method of body-conditioning (known then as Contrology), and which became very popular with the dance community as it not only offered rehabilitation from injury but also offered an opportunity to improve technique.

Since then it has developed and branched into several varying paths of approach, but the fundamental principles still remain core – Breath; whole body health; whole body commitment.

Contrology became known as Pilates after Joseph Pilates’ death in 1967.

Polestar Pilates

Is the form of Pilates currently taught at Meridian Osteopath – a form developed by Brent Anderson, a physical therapist in America. It is strongly supported by the use of critical reasoning and supporting scientific research, as well as integrating psychology and energy systems on motor control and motor lesioning.